Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ways to "Shelter The Homeless"

Let us continue to 'brainstorm' ways to live out the Work of Mercy to "Shelter the Homelss"....please add any of your ideas to the comments section. Thanks & God bless!

1) Sponsor or "adopt" a refugee or other homeless family with your Church, Relatives, or Neighborhood. Provide them the necessities for setting up a new home/apartment. Why not sponsor or pay for an individual or families new apartment for 3 or more months to help them get back on their feet?

2) Work on a Habitat for Humanity project (or support financially, or with donations of goods).

3) Purchase (or get donations of) "Pop-up" tents and/or sleeping bags and donate them to a local homeless shelter to distribute to those homeless people who can't/won't stay in the shelter...or go out with a small group and distribute them yourselves to those in need.

4) Donate money to the Missions (such as the Consolata Missions) to build homes, or improve existing ones, in foreign countries, or here at home. Perhaps instead of buying a new piece of furniture or item for yourself (that you really may not need) you could donate that money those who really DO need those things.

5) Volunteer to help find housing for those living on the streets or in a homeless shelter.

6) Have an auction or garage sale (on your own, with your neighbors, at Church, etc...) of your homes extra "stuff" (most of us have a LOT of extra & unneeded "things"...and donate the profits to an organization that serves the poor and homeless...such as St. Luke's Mission of Mercy.

7) Have a "Spring Cleaning" (or Fall, Summer, or Winter Cleaning!) collection of items to donate also (you may want to check with the shelters/organizations to see what they need most).

8) Open your home to some Foreign Exchange Students.

9) Open your spare room/apartment that isn't renting, etc... to a family or individual who is homeless.

10) Help fix up and elderly or infirmed neighbor or family members home (or find someone who will donate specific services in their area of expertise)... such as plumbing, painting, planting a garden, building a wheelchair accessible ramp or deck (if needed), cleaning the interior, mowing the lawn, etc.... You could make this a "family service outing" if the person you want to help agrees!

11) Have a "Home Enthronement" to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that the "homeless" God has a permanent place in your home and heart.

12) Welcome lonely acquaintences/neighbors/extended family into your home for weekly or monthy visits....maybe to play cards, listen to music, share a meal, whatever!

13) Finance/help rebuild homes in areas devastated by war or natural disasters.

14) Organize a Fund Drive (or contribute to an existing one) for a family in your area displaced by a fire. The Local News is a good source to find such a family.

Thanks for reading these ideas....feel free to share them with others, and add your own. God bless! Rose


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose. KS-James here. Our Catholic young adult group in KC is doing something next Tuesday I have never heard of before, but should be fun. Should be around 50 people,

Join us for a Potluck Dinner & Food Run! We'll meet at ((John Doe's)) house for dinner and socializing @ 6.30 PM. Bring a small dish to share. Main course will be provided. After we eat, we'll package the remaining food into "hope bags" and hand it out to people in need on the streets in Downtown KC.

I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Rose S. said...

What a wonderful thing they are doing! I sure hope that it is a great success and lots of "hope bags" are given out. God bless!