Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ways to "Feed the hungry" and "Give drink to the thirsty"

Let's brainstorm some creative ways that we can "Feed the hungry" and "Give drink to the thirsty".

1) Buy Fast Food Gift-certificates and give them out to those in need (homeless, poor, those standing with signs 'work for food', donate a bunch to a homeless shelter for them to give out, etc...)

2) Make up a "Care Package" of ready made foods & drinks for the elderly and the infirmed in your neighborhood or elsewhere.

3) Take a can of water or pop or a snack to those doing work around your house and/or neighborhood (ie. fixing downed wires, firefighters, road crews, etc....)

4) Visit with an elderly friend or relative at a hospital or nursing home during their lunch/dinner time to help them eat, reach their food & drink....sometimes the nurses are too busy to stay and help.... or even volunteer at one of these places, if you are able, to help at meal times.

5) Make sandwich, snack and/or drink bags to pass out to the homeless you see.

6) Volunteer at a Food Bank.

7) Volunteer at a shelter during meal time to help out.

8) Organize a picnic and invite a homeless shelter and their members to come.

9) Gather up the "extras" that supermarkets and/or restaurants would otherwise throw out (or convince THEM to do so) and take them to a Food Bank or a Shelter.

10) At your next big gathering (or one at your Church) ask everyone to bring a non-perishable food/drink item to donate to the poor/homeless.

Can you think of any more ideas? Please post them here. Thanks!

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